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Backup and restore certificates in a java keystore

Last updated: 29/03/2015

A java keystore is a single binary file, as a precaution individual certificates contained inside can be backed up as plain text RSA certificates and keys then restored by into a new keystore at a later date. The

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Correcting Bind errors due to an out of sync clock

Last updated: 03/03/2015

If your system's name server has ceased to perform recursive lookups, first check your logs. These are normally located at /var/log/syslog , there maybe be errors similar to the following:

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Creating a simple game with scratch

Last updated: 25/02/2015

Here is a how to create a simple game of tag using the scratch programming language .

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System setup for modern perl projects

Last updated: 07/02/2015

Some helpful tips in making your perl projects more portable.

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