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Deploying Javascript functions on Google Big Query

Last updated: 24/03/2021

Google BigQuery supports user-defined functions (UDFs) written in Javascript as well as SQL, this opens up a whole new world of capabilities that UDFs could provide....

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Rotating a Raspberry Pi Touch Screen

Last updated: 06/03/2021

The Raspberry Pi touch screens works great, but they can have a small issue when used with a several screen enclosures....

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Repairing a broken boot disk after converting to APFS

Last updated: 10/10/2020

Later versions of Mac OSX require you to be running APFS, amongst other benefits it improves performance....

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Reporting sizes of databases and tables in MySQL

Last updated: 15/02/2020

It's useful to know how much disk space individual tables or entire databases consume. Particularly if resources on the server are limited....

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