Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

This standard consists of a set of requirements and guidelines for file and directory
placement under UNIX-like operating systems.

The table below is only a quick reference guide to the standard, please refer to the
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard website for a full explanation.

/binEssential command binaries
/bootStatic files of the boot loader
/devDevice files
/etcHost-specific system configuration
/etc/X11Configuration for the X Windows System
/etc/optConfiguration for /opt
/homeUser home directories
/libEssential shared libraries and kernal modules
/lib/modulesLoadable kernal modules
/mntMount point for mounting a filesystem temporarily
/optAdd-on application sortware packages
/rootHome direcotory for the root user
/sbinEssential system binaries
/tmpTemporary files
/usrSecondary hierarchy
/usr/X11R6X Windows System, version 11 release 6
/usr/binMost user commands
/usr/gamesGames and educational binaries
/usr/includeHeader files included by C programs
/usr/include/X11Symlink to /usr/X11R6.include/X11
/usr/include/bsdBSD compatibility include files (if required)
/usr/include/g++GNU C++ include files
/usr/localLocal hierarchy (empty after main installation)
/usr/local/binLocal binaries
/usr/local/gamesLocal game binaries
/usr/local/includeLocal C header files
/usr/local/libLocal libraries
/usr/local/sbinLocal system binaries
/usr/local/shareLocal architecture-independant hierarchy
/usr/local/srcLocal source code
/usr/sbinNon-vital system binaries
/usr/shareArchitecture-independant data
/usr/share/dictWord lists
/usr/share/docMiscellaneous documentation
/usr/share/gamesStatic data files for /usr/games
/usr/share/infoGNU Info system's primary directory
/usr/share/localeLocale information
/usr/share/manOnline manuals
/usr/share/man/man1User programs
/usr/share/man/man2System calls
/usr/share/man/man3Library calls
/usr/share/man/man4Special files
/usr/share/man/man5File formats
/usr/share/man/man8System administration
/usr/share/nlsNative language support
/usr/share/miscMiscellaneous architecture-independant data
/usr/share/terminfoDirectories for terminfo database
/usr/share/tmactroff macros not distributed with groff
/usr/share/zoneinfoTimezone information and configuration
/usr/srcSource code
/varVariable data
/var/accountProcess accounting logs (if supported)
/var/cacheApplication cache data
/var/cache/fontsLocally-generated fonts
/var/cache/manLocally-formatted manual pages
/var/cache/wwwWWW proxy or cache data
/var/crashSystem crash dumps (if supported)
/var/gamesVariable game data
/var/libVariable state information
/var/lib/miscMiscellaneous state data
/var/lib/xdmX display manager variable data
/var/lockLock files
/var/logLog files and directories
/var/mailUser mailbox files
/var/optVariable data for /opt
/var/runData relevant to running processes
/var/spoolApplication spool data
/var/spool/lpdPrinter spool directory
/var/spool/mqueueOutgoing mail queue
/var/spool/newsNews spool directory
/var/spool/rwhoRwhod files
/var/spool/uucpSpool directory for UUCP
/var/tmpTemporary files preserved between system reboots
/var/ypNetwork Information Service (NIS) database files